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Natural Swedish cosmetics

Welcome 2007 02

Oriflame Natural Swedish Skincare & Cosmetics offers a complete range of high quality skincare, fragrances and colour cosmetics.

Oriflame will be the natural first choice for all customers seeking best value in products, service, quality and price 

Telesales +44 (0) 845 260 7760

Latest News

Enter a Secret Garden of beauty (6 Feb 2007)
Oriflame Colour Spring Make-up 2007 Secret Garden is inspired by the fresh and delicate colours of the spring. Lovely flowers, green grass and the clear blue sky make up the base of our new spring make-up  more . . .

Natural, wholesome and irresistible! (5 Feb 2007)
Awaken all your senses with our brand new Nature Bath & Shower range! Shower gels, bath foams and soaps bursting with efficient natural ingredients will give you a delightful moment of pleasure while cleansing your body. And the soft textures and delicate scents of fruits and flowers are simply irresistible!  more . . .

Revitalise yourself with Swedish Spa (28 Jan 2007)
Oriflame Swedish Spa gives you the chance to enjoy your own home spa experience. A complete range of products gives you all you need to exhale and rinse away tensions.  more . . .

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Vent Brush
Vent Brush
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